sCO2 Seminar 2016
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TU Wien
Technische Universität Wien
Festival Hall, Stairway 1, 1st Floor
Karlsplatz 13
1040 Vienna, Austria


Vienna, the capital of Austria is a historical city with beautiful monuments and designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.

The founding of Vienna goes back to the old Roman era and the shape of the Inner City was an former Roman military camp to protect the border of the Holy Roman Empire against the Nordic tribes living in the north of the Danube, an important European River. In the former millennium two different titled families called the Babenberger and Habsburg ruled the area of Austria with Vienna as their capital. Their reign showed a great affect of the Viennese building structure, which is famous in the whole world.


Vienna offers a large variety of hotels. Please take the advantages of the internet for room reservation like or .

 Hotels within walking distance to TU Wien, Karlsplatz 13:

 -          Hotel Beethoven, Papagenogasse 6, 1060 Wien,  

 -          Mercure Secession Wien, Getreidemarkt 5 , 1060 Wien

 -          Motel One Staatsoper, Elisabethstraße 5, 1010 Wien

  -         Hotel Erzherzog Rainer, Wiedner Hauptstraße 27 – 29, 1040 Wien,

 Within 10 minutes by subway:

  -          Austria Classic Hotel Wien, Praterstrasse 72, 1020 Wien  

  -          Austria Trend Hotel Ananas, Sonnenhofgasse 8-10,  1050 Wien 

  -          Star Inn Hotel Wien Schönbrunn; Linke Wienzeile 224, 1150 Wien

  -          Austria Trend Hotel beim Theresianum, Favoritenstraße 52, 1040 Wien,